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Smokey – Cat Of The Week – May 21st 2018

By Craig / May 21, 2018

This week’s Cat of the Week is Smokey and comes to us from Reddit user rawrimaliz, thanks so much for your submission! rawrimaliz got Smokey in September 2013 when he was 4 months out from a friend’s farm. She got him to be the little brother to her and her husband’s other cat, Bandit. They […]


Minnie – Cat Of The Week – May 14th 2018

By Craig / May 14, 2018

Everyone say hello to this week’s Cat of the Week, Minnie!  Minnie comes submitted by Reddit user Luciditi89. When Minnie was born her human was living in Japan. After graduating college and making plans to move back to the States her human first heard of Minnie. Her parents wanted her to move back in with […]


Greyworm – Cat Of The Week – May 7th 2018

By Craig / May 7, 2018

Everyone say hello to Greyworm! Greyworm comes submitted to us by reddit user Missmel1722. His birthday is July 9th 2017 and she had the pick of the litter from a friend and chose him right away, but at first she didn’t know Greyworm was a he. She had wanted a friend for her 6 month […]


Petunia – Cat Of The Week – April 30th 2018

By Craig / April 30, 2018

This week’s Cat of the Week is Petunia and she comes submitted directly by email from a cat lover in the United States! Petunia, or P, was adopted in fall 2016. Her human was looking for a senior dog and, instead, came home with a tiny kitten! P was extremely ill for the first few […]


Sindre – Cat Of The Week – April 23rd 2018

By Craig / April 23, 2018

This week’s cat of the week comes to us from Instagram user bryonyeilish the United Kingdom, everyone come and meet Sindre! If you couldn’t tell straight away he’s a Norwegian Forest Cat! Sindre came to his humans as a kitten from a Norwegian Forest Cat breeder in North Yorkshire. His human got him when she […]


Pablo – Cat Of The Week – April 16th 2018

By Craig / April 16, 2018

This week’s cat of the week comes submitted to us from Wayne Walker and his Cat’s name is Pablo! Wayne met Pablo two years ago when he was a Rescue Partner volunteer for the City of Long Beach Animal Care Services. Pablo was frightened and malnourished, and his fur was dirty and matted. Even worse, […]


April – Cat Of The Week – April 9th 2018

By Snow / April 9, 2018

Everyone meet our Cat of the Week for April 9th, 2018! I promise it is just an odd coincidence that her name is April! April was adopted in June of 2017, but she was born on Easter Sunday.  She’s just about a year old now. April’s mom was a stray cat and a family friend […]


Annie – Cat Of The Week – April 2nd 2018

By Snow / April 2, 2018

This week’s featured cat of the week is Annie! Annie comes submitted to us from Reddit user GeorgiaPhillips and we thank her for her submission! Annie is a farm cat that loves to drive the tractor! Well, sit on the tractor and sleep, but one day…. Georgia found Annie Cat and her brother about 3 […]


Roxy and Bella – Cats Of The Week – March 25th 2018

By Craig / March 27, 2018

Since we didn’t have a Cat of the Week last week we have two beautiful felines gracing our front page this week! Everyone meet Roxy and Bella, two gorgeous kitties submitted to us by reddit user Spanneke from the United Kingdom! Spanneke went to the trouble of writing out a wonderful story for us to read so […]


Slinky – Cat Of The Week – March 12th 2018

By Craig / March 12, 2018

Everyone meet the gorgeous little lady Slink! Slinky is nearly five, and she’s been with her family for three years now. She came to them as the runt of the litter from a family member as a kitten, but she didn’t gel well with the youngest child; she kept stealing her toys from her hands, […]

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