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Slinky – Cat Of The Week – March 12th 2018

By Craig / March 12, 2018

Everyone meet the gorgeous little lady Slink! Slinky is nearly five, and she’s been with her family for three years now. She came to them as the runt of the litter from a family member as a kitten, but she didn’t gel well with the youngest child; she kept stealing her toys from her hands, […]


Mister – Cat Of The Week – March 5th 2018

By Craig / March 6, 2018

Everyone meet Mister. Mister is estimated to be between between 5 and 7 years old, even after a vet appointment there’s no guaranteed age. Mister was a stray for the majority of his life, but in the summer of 2017 he started showing up in Twitter user @taramarie_26’s front yard. He was pretty skinny so […]


Violet – Cat Of The Week – February 26th 2018

By Craig / February 26, 2018

This week’s cat of the week is Violet and is coming to us all the way from Ontario, Canada! She was recommended to us by her her adoptive parents, Brian and Christine. Violet is a 4 year old tabby and what a photogenic feline she is! Her mother was a Ragdoll tabby from Christine’s family, though […]


Olive – Cat Of The Week – February 19th 2018

By Craig / February 19, 2018

Everyone meet the adorable little Olive! Olive comes to us submitted by Reddit user Factoa. While the kitten’s name is Olive she certainly gets called all sorts of other nicknames as well! Who could resist making up fun nicknames for an adorable little fluff ball like her? She loves playing with feathers, sneaking off into […]


Charlie – Cat Of The Week – February 12th 2018

By Snow / February 12, 2018

This week’s featured cat comes from San Luis Obispo, CA from the reddit user thescruffysquid (Shawn)! We thank him for submitting Charlie as cat of the week. Charlie and Shawn live in San Luis Obispo, CA. Growing up, Shawn always had cats so after a few years of living on his own he decided that […]


Henry – Cat Of The Week – February 5th 2018

By Craig / February 5, 2018

This week’s featured cat of the week is Henry! Henry is just a little bit over twelve weeks old and lives with his human mom and dad and his big cat brother Oliver in Halifax, Nova Scotia!  Henry is a lucky guy that he has a brother to play with so he gets lots of […]


Smeagol and Frodo – Cats of The Week – January 29th 2018

By Craig / January 29, 2018

This week’s submission comes from instagram & reddit user simsim88! The featured cats of the week this week are Frodo and Smeagol. What an amazing Lord of the Rings reference for anyone who didn’t catch it! They are both 11 years old this year. They were found as kittens left abandoned in a cardboard box at […]


Cat of the Week – January 22nd, 2018 – Maya

By Snow / January 22, 2018

This week’s cat of the week comes to us from Instagram user DannyLyon! Check out the beautiful Persian Maya!  Maya is a two-year-old Persian that was rescued from Homeward Trails in April of 2017. Their previous kitty, a 7-year-old Maine Coon, passed away from liver cancer in February 2017 which left them heartbroken. So when the […]


Cat of the Week – January 15th, 2018 – Sprouts

By Snow / January 15, 2018

This week’s cat of the week comes to us straight from the instagram account kittyorphanage! We really appreciate their submission to our weekly cat competition and are proud to feature their kitten Sprouts! When the KittyOrphanage team first got Sprouts she was about two months old and she was absolutely covered in fleas. You can […]


Cat of the Week – January 8th, 2018 – Harley

By Snow / January 8, 2018

Let’s meet a gorgeous calico named Harley!  Harley comes calling from reddit user idlewildgirl and we thank her for her submission. Harley is three years old and was born in the wonderful spring month of March. idlewildgirl got her when Harley was only 8 weeks from a friend who got her as company for her […]

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