Cat Of the Week – Duke – April 27th, 2020

Duke the orange cat in his house

Welcome to the first Cat of the Week post in quite some time!  We are going to start taking a slightly different format to this to try and keep getting them posted!  As opposed to writing up detailed stories we're going to g with an interview style instead. So let's get to our first interview, Duke!

What is your name? How did your parents come up with/decide on your name?
Duke. I am from Orange County where the airport is named after John Wayne aka “The Duke”
Do you have any nicknames?
Dukeroni, Pepperoni, Peanut Butter, Butterscotch
How old are you?
What breed are you?
What is your favorite treat?
Chicken, I will murder you and eat your face off for some chicken.

Duke laying next to a laptop

How do you sit back and relax? / How do you like to spend your spare time? What is your favorite thing to do?
I love sleeping on my peoples, especially when they are trying to work. I have a squirrel friend, Stan, who I like to hang out with in the back yard.

What is your bad habit you just can’t kick?
Howling to be let outside to spend time with my friend Stan. And stealing food.

What is your most redeeming quality?
I have a very sweet nature and have never bitten or scratched my people.

What is the naughtiest thing you have done?
One time I was let out back and I jumped on the fence and then on the roof of the house and hung out there until someone came and got me down. And I wasn’t the least bit sorry.

What is your funniest memory?
When we were packing to move to Denver, I would hide in the boxes being packed and attack anyone who tried to pack the box. Over and over again.
Any last words of wisdom to share?
Things are crazy right now, stay home with your family and try to enjoy it. And steal chicken whenever you get the chance!

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The 7 Best Laser Toys For Cats 2020 [Safe and Fun!]

a cat looking at a laser dot with text that says the best cat laser toys

Cats absolutely love to play and one of their favorite ways to play is to hunt.

Laser toys for cats are flat out one of the easiest and most engaging toys available to keep your cat entertained and in shape.

Below we'll take a look at some of the best options to choose from and discuss the overall safety of laser toys for your cats.

The Best Laser Toys For Cats

Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser 

​There are a bunch of different automated laser toys on the market that claim to entertain your cat and operate in a random pattern, but Friends Forever has the best in the business!

If you're looking to find a way to entertain your feline friend without having to manually interact then this is the option for you. A few of the key features worth noting:

  • ​Features a 15 minute automatic shut off so your cat won't get too excited
  • The laser beam is extremely strong and works even in a well lit room
  • Features slow, fast and random patterns to keep your cat entertained and engaged
  • The laser has full 360 degree rotation and will hit both the floor and walls
  • Has a 12 month no questions asked warranty if you encounter any issues
  • It stands about 8.5 inches tall and weighs about a half a pound
  • Operates on 3 AAA batteries so there's no cord to trip over
"​All our cats love it. Our adult cats, our senior fosters and of course the kittens go absolutely bonkers for it!"

​The only key ​area for improvement worth noting is:

  • ​It should feature a wider base to keep it from tipping when it is bumped into. When cats are playing near it they constantly run into it and it does tip over given the light weight and small base.

USB Laser Pointer 4 in 1 Pack

USB charging laser pointer for cats

​If you're the hands on kind of ​gal or guy when it comes to playing with your cats then this is the best type of laser pointer available.  

It charges super easily with a USB cord, no more pesky battery change and making sure your AR41s or LR13s will work property in your laser pointer.

It is of course lightweight and easy to keep handy at any time as well which makes it great if your cat travels or changes locations often.

A few other items worth noting:

  • Three functions in one: LED Laser, UV Detector & White Light Flashlight
  • Has a slide on switch you don't have to hold down the entire time
  • Features an extremely bright LED laser light usable any time of the day
  • Charges by USB cord, plug it into any charging block or port ​<= 5 volts
  • Also has a UV detector which is a great addition for detecting pet urine stains in case you're having any spraying issues
  • ​Pocket clip and wrist strap make it easy to keep handy in any situation
  • It measures about 3 inches in length and weighs about 2.5 ounces
"​The laser remains very small and strong even when pointed all the way across the room. Makes it super easy to let my cats stalk around multiple pieces of furniture before they pounce!"

​It is worth noting the following before purchasing:

  • ​The charging ​port has been noted ​as a key concern for many ​users, it easily breaks and pulls out of the housing. ​If you receive a poor quality one you can easily get a new one free of charge by contacting the manufacturer.

SereneLife Auto Rotating LED

​One of the toughest parts of many automated laser toys is getting them to display the laser on a surface of choice. Most you can only set on the floor and then let them spin in circles.

SereneLife developed this innovative cube based model to allow you to easily move and rotate the cube into any convenient place and then let it shine down.

You can easily set it on shelves, tables, couches, etc. and then flip it on to let your kitty play!

A few other items worth calling out:

  • ​Perfect for turning any surface into a playground, just rotate the cube and push start
  • Features ​four different speeds: slow, medium, fast and pause for manual play
  • Follows a random path to ensure your cat practices those hunting and pouncing skills
  • Automatic shut off after 30 minutes of play time to ensure the batteries don't drain
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries, go for rechargeable ones as your cats will ​love​ this toy
  • Nice and quiet, you can barely hear it unless you're standing right next to it
  • Far less likely to require you to ​stand it back up if the cats do knock it over given design
  • Measures about 5 x 5 x 3 inches so it travels well too
"​The ​cube type design ​means I can place the ​toy ​anywhere in the house and point the laser ​pretty much anywhere I want. ​It has worked great from my window sills and some of the small shelves we have. "

​The only real ​issue I have ​noticed with it is:

  • ​The battery life can run out quickly so rechargeable batteries are the best option

Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

​PetSafe has been in the cat toy space for a long time ​so they have a lot of experience making high quality toys to keep cats engaged.

The FroliCat Bolt is their version of an automated laser toy and you can read the full specs on the  ​FroliCat page on the PetSafe website.

A few major items worth calling out on the Bolt:

  • You can use the adjustable mirror to put the laser on different surfaces/areas
  • Features an automatic and manual mode in case you want to play too
  • ​Features a Class IIIa laser with a 5mW max power output for a safe play experience
  • ​Has a 15 minute automatic timer to keep your cat from getting overstimulated
  • ​It runs on 4 AA batteries which gives it solid battery life and a bit more weight
  • Stands about 8.5 inches tall, weighs about half a pound and is best used on the floor
"​We recently fostered Jenevive and she was a very very play focused cat, she had a huge 'prey drive' as the shelter called it. She needed to play constantly or she'd get bored and then destructive! This toy helped a ton and kept her entertained easily!"

​There are two items worth noting on the PetSafe FloliCat bolt:

  • The newest iteration of the bolt has been noted as significantly faster and louder which has made it hard for many cats to engage effectively
  • There are no variable speed modes so you can't control for a cat that likes a slower or faster laser, what you get is what you get

PetDroid Hanging Laser Toy

​If you've tried other automatic cat toys and you can't seem to get your cats to stop knocking the toy over then the PetDroid Boltz is ​the perfect solution.

The claim to fame with this option is you can ​mount it to a window or wall out of reach and then let it safely shine the laser down ​where your cats can play with it.

A few of the big things worth noting on this option:

  • ​Easily mount it to a wall or window using the built in mount or suction cup
  • The automatic timer turns it off after 10 minutes of interactive play time
  • The laser moves in random patterns to keep your kitty engaged and excited
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries and has a nice long battery life for many play sessions
  • Can cover far more area than most laser toys by mounting it in a high spot
"​After using tons of laser toys, my favorite thing about this one is how random the patterns seem compared to other ​major brands I've tried out. And if I mount it up high it easily covers a huge area instead of a tiny little spot."

​The biggest concern with the PetDroid Boltz is this:

  • **​Given the flexibility in mounting it and the shorter timer you can often find yourself climbing back up on a chair to turn it back on. A longer timer would be ideal.  

​**PetDroid did release a new version in 2019 that has a 10 minute timer. The original version had a 5 minute timer. I have yet to try ​the new version.

PetSafe Auto Laser Tail

​Tired of stand still models where only the laser itself moves? The PetSafe Laser Tail shifts the paradigm of interactive laser cat toys!

This one actually moves itself around the floor and makes lots of random turns and patterns. Note that the laser is fixed. So you won't see the laser ​also​ moving in random patterns on top of the movement.

This toy is tons of fun for cats and not only will they chase the laser, the movement of the toy itself will also keep them engaged!

A few major items worth noting here:

  • ​Moves around the floor in random patterns and shines a laser behind it
  • Fully equipped with a 10 minute shut off to minimize battery use and over stimulation
  • Will easily entertain multiple cats at the same time
  • Rounded design helps stop it from getting stuck, great on wood and tile
  • Operates on 3 AA batteries which you can easily change out
  • Easily turns on with the click of a single button, no complicated controls
"​One of the best purchases I've made in the past couple of years. It easily keeps all 3 of my 2-4 year old cats entertained either at the same time or at different times. They'll even start chasing each other around after I flip it on!"

​The biggest item worth noting before making a purchase is:

  • ​Will not operate effectively on medium or high pile carpet and may struggle on even low pile carpet depending on design

FroliCat Zip Laser Toy

​The FroliCat Zip is very similar to the PetSafe Tail model. It will drive around the house and a trailing laser will keep your cats engaged and in prowling and pouncing mode!

This is the perfect type of toy for a house with a lot of tile or hardwood floor, or even a 'cat room' with hardwood or tile floor where it can be set and let go.

A few key features worth noting on this model:

  • ​Moves around the floor and has a laser tail that follows it as it spins and rotates
  • ​The automated timer will turn it off after about 10 minutes of play time
  • Works extremely well on wood and tile floors and on low profile rugs too
  • Uses 3 AAA batteries to power it and will last many play sessions on a single charge
"​My cats are awe struck when I turn this on. They follow it around and pounce on the laser like they are in a trance. I always use a wand toy after ​to make sure they actually get a 'kill' like the vet says is important! "

​Similar to the Tail the key concern with this model is:

  • ​It'll easily get stuck on carpeting and may even get stuck uonder couches and chairs during regular operation, you have to keep an eye on it unless it is an empty room

​PetSafe Zoom MultiCat Laser Toy

petsafe frolicat zoom laser toy

​Got multiple cats and want them each to have their own laser to chase? The PetSafe Zoom is specially designed to put two lasers out on the floor and walls together.

This is the perfect choice if you've got cats who don't really like to share, but both really like to go after that uncatchable red dot!

The Zoom has many similarities to other floor based models, but it is a bit bigger and more stable because of it.

A few other items worth noting on the Zoom:

  • ​Perfect for multi cat households as it displays ​lasers symmetrically
  • The laser will hit both the floor and the walls ​(unless you have a massive space)